Sumba Heritage Fashion Carnival November 7, 2019, in an atmosphere of brotherhood, intimacy and kinship where this event is lively and dignified. This event has very high social and cultural value, which we continually maintain, we care for, we preserve and we develop. I say that because apart from being a moment of togetherness, brotherhood and kinship on the island of Sumba, this is also an expression of our love for tradition and culture, and most of all we respect and appreciate the Ancestral Heritage that lives and is rooted in the Sumba Island community in East Nusa Tenggara Province that we love together.

This is the main attraction for tourists to visit NTT, especially to Sumba Island, while enjoying the natural charm that is no less exotic and captivating. Therefore, on behalf of the Government and all people of East Sumba, of course the people of the island of Sumba in East Nusa Tenggara, I express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all of us who are present here especially for Carnival participants who are participated in by various tribes or ethnic groups and the people of Sumba Island . The presence and participation of all of us at this dignified event is a form of our support, concern, responsibility and commitment to continue to maintain and care for togetherness, diversity, brotherhood and unity, said the Regent of East Sumba Drs.Gidion Mbilijora, M. Si where he is the Person in Charge of the Event

The Government of the Province of East Nusa Tenggara itself has set a Target of Tourist Visits up to 2023 of 1.5 million tourists. This target setting is in line with the Government’s efforts to continuously improve various Tourism Destinations in East Nusa Tenggara. Promotional efforts that we also continue to do, both domestically and abroad, especially as Tourism becomes the Prime Mover of economic development, as well as being a Locomotive which helps move various other sectors to equally rise up, progress towards a prosperous society.

Tourism development in East Nusa Tenggara continues to build partnerships with various tourism industry players and partners, as well as other relevant agencies to participate in introducing and promoting East Nusa Tenggara Tourism, including the international world so that inevitably many tourists will be able to visit our Province, especially to Sumba Island.

On one hand, dr. Lely Harakai, M. Kes who is the Chair of the SHFC Committee said that the Sumba Heritage Fashion Carnival Committee was a Small Committee and only consisted of 9 people, but in designing this event, we invited a number of Sumba Island photographers, including Donny Louis, Fredy Hambuawali, Joy, Gusti Dida (Lindi Manang) and friends and some Vidiographers such as Ama Dj, Aries Riwu and friends.Likewise, several designers, such as Erwin Yulianto and Curator Even, Heru Prasetya from Mataya Art & Heritage are very famous for the Indonesian Umbrella Festival and the East Sumba Antique Car Community and East Sumba Antique Motor Community, CB Community. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of our friends is the motivation for us to show the best for SUMBA. With a smile Lely Harakai said that the Event was very influential on the people’s economy, increasing household income in the Creative Economy and Creative Resources.

Wrapped in a woven cloth typical of East Sumba, Wakapolda NTT, Brigadier General Drs Johni Asadoma, M. Hum accompanied by East Sumba Police Chief Victor M. T Silalahi, SH. , MH attended the Sumba Heritage Fashion Carnival and participated in a Carnival procession with the Regent of East Sumba.

Accompanying the 2019 Sumba Heritage Fashion Carnival event, it seems to enter a miracle of Sumba ikat weaving as a Cultural Heritage of the Sumba people who are continually being fought for by Sumba people and their cross-cultural society. Going forward, with all the natural, cultural and creative potential of the Sumba community accompanied by careful planning and innovative creative implementation, I am sure Sumba Heritage Fashion Carnival will become one of the cultural events in Indonesia and the World. Sumba is amazing, try to imagine that there are thousands of people who use Sumba Traditional Ikat Weaving in this Event, it is amazing, said Heru Prasetya who is often called Heru Mataya.
See you in 2020.

Mai La HUMBA = Come to Sumba – NTT

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